Our Sake-Brewing Tradition

The sake that we brew at Otokoyama Honten is not only a product of the climate, water and rice of Kesennuma, but also a tradition shaped by our local cuisine and community. It is the fruit of our regional culture, as well as the embodiment of the knowledge, technical skills and spirit of the Japanese people. At Otokoyama Honten, it has always been our mission to make the most of what this region has to offer us, to be mindful of the bonds that bind us to each other and to our natural environment, and to produce sake that reflects our love for Kesennuma.

Sake is something that accompanies us on the journey of life, through many moods and on many occasions, and for all those who choose to enjoy an Otokoyama Honten sake at home, in a restaurant, or in any other setting or situation, we dedicate ourselves to crafting the very finest products possible.

Our Brands:
Kesennuma Otokoyama, Sotenden, Biroku

  • Kesennuma Otokoyama

    A mainstay of our business since its foundation, Otokoyama is known for its refreshingly dry flavor.

  • Sotenden

    With delicate but deep flavors and a clean finish that complements the fresh seafood caught on our shores year-round, Sotenden is a sake born of the regional environment and culture. "Sotenden" alludes to the "legend of the blue sky and sea" that is Kesennuma, an image that serves as the inspiration for this brand.

  • Biroku

    Our premier Biroku series embodies all the traditions and sake-crafting skills the famed Nanbu toji line of brewers has brought to Otokoyama Honten. Tasting an exquisite sake brings to mind the adage "sake wa ten no biroku" (sake is a blessing from the heavens), and this is the response we seek to elicit with our Biroku brand.

Who are the "Nanbu toji"?

In the world of sake brewing, the head brewer is known as the "toji." The toji is in charge of overseeing the entire brewing process and is responsible for providing direction on every aspect of the operation, especially important decisions such as when to press the moromi fermenting mash or begin the brewing process. "Nanbu toji" refers to a regional group of brewers from the southern part of Iwate prefecture in Japan's northeastern Tohoku region. One of the three major regional groups of sake brewers in Japan, the Nanbu toji are renowned throughout the country for their brewing expertise.

Major Awards

The Fine Sake Awards Japan 2016, 2018, Daiginjo Category
Grand Gold Medal (Sotenden Daiginjo)
Tohoku Sake Awards 2016, Ginjo-shu Category
Honor Prize (Sotenden Daiginjo)
Miyagi Prefectural Sake Awards 2014, 2015
Miyagi Governor's Award (Sotenden Junmai Daiginjo)
International Wine Challenge Sake Awards 2013, 2014
Gold Medal (Sotenden Tokubetsu Junmaishu)
Slow Food Japan Kanzake Contest 2014, Atsukan Category
Grand Gold Prize (Sotenden Tokubetsu Honjozo)
Annual Japan Sake Awards 2016, 2017, 2018
Gold Prize (Sotenden Daiginjo)
Kan Sake Award 2018
Good Value Atsukan Category (55°C) (Sotenden Tokubetsu Honjozo)
Premium Kan Sake Category (45°C) (Sotenden Kuranohana Junmaishu)
London Sake Challenge 2018
Platinum Prize (Sotenden Junmai Daiginjo)
Kura Master 2018
Platinum Medal (Biroku Junmai Daiginjo)
U.S. National Sake Appraisal 2018
Gold Award (Sotenden Daiginjo, Sotenden Junmai Daiginjo)